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In recent years, it has launched a number of homegrown professional surfers onto the world stage. Now, for the first time in its seven-year history, there is a women’s division at the Agadir Open, a countrywide surf and bodyboard competition held on on a stretch of shoreline home to Morocco’s premier breaks.

The event is run by the Imourane Surf Association, a local nonprofit that counts pro Moroccan riders Ramzi Boukhiam, who is sponsored by Quiksilver, and Othmane Choufani among its members.

It’s one of five rocks from the Red Planet ever to be found on Earth, and the first to carry traces of Martian soil.

Morocco is a monarchy with a constitution, a bicameral parliament, and an independent judiciary.

One reason seems to be the landscape: meteorites are easily revealed by windswept sand, in which their dark colour also makes them stand out.

And a dry climate helps preserve them far better than a humid one.

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If you just have one day in Marrakesh, then a Marrakesh Siteseeing Tour is the perfect way to discover this exciting and exotic city.

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In Morocco’s High Atlas mountains, the twin lakes of Isli and Tislit (nicknamed the Moroccan Romeo and Juliet) have an unusual origin.