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More than one of our fellow contributors have had similar problems relating to the safe handling of aforementioned weapon. ANyone who gets their information from places like NBC, CNN, MSNBC are getting the propaganda that has been filtered many times often distorting the truth so badly the only truth in there is the meaning of the individual words. What the reporters neglected to mention was that they planted explosive charges in the gas tanks of the different trucks and they were detonated remotely so the report was more dramatic. K..your finger outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.Remmington has developed a new safety mechanism in response to the negative feed back on the history of this safety issue. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot. Some years back, I believe that it was NBC who did a hatchet job on either Chevy or GMC trucks. The Lamestream Media has an agenda and the truth is not in them. They will say whatever to scare people away from the use of guns. My hands were so cold I had no idea my trigger finger was still depressed.I was so conditioned to never pointing the weapon at anything or anybody loaded or unloaded that this accident was low risk.Remington Arms was established in 1816 in Ilion, NY.and still manufactures guns there employing some 1200 employees.In this weapons video tutorial, you'll see how to field strip a Remington 700 bolt without the use of tools in the field.

But some have argued in court that Remington's trigger replacement program for its popular bolt-action firearms is needlessly complicated and confusing.

The CBS news program, 60 Minutes put the spotlight on Ilion Sunday evening with a Leslie Stahl segment that blames a faulty trigger on the Remington 700 rifle with multiple deaths and injuries.

A Federal Judge in Missouri heard arguments last week involving thousands of gun owners who have complained that the popular Remington rifle fired without anyone pulling the trigger.

It has also won some court cases after arguing that inexperienced users have not admitted pulling the trigger.

Richard Barber, of Manhattan, Montana, claimed his nine-year-old son Gus was killed when one of the rifles went off during a hunting trip.

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Only some of the guns are subject to a formal recall, in which the company is urging owners to stop using them immediately and return them to the company to be retrofitted.

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