Non premium sex chat numbers

Posted by / 23-Aug-2017 20:22

Non premium sex chat numbers

An unemployed man has run up a £91,000 phone bill after repeatedly calling a sex chat line in the wake of his split with his girlfriend.

Kevin Waldrum, who called the £2-a-minute Studio 66 TV chat line every day from 10am to 9pm for two months, says he has been left “suicidal” after receiving the bill from Vodafone.

"The accused connected the six numbers with computers and called on the three premium numbers," an officer involved with the probe said.

In premium numbers, service providers share the revenue with subscribers, and call rates are higher.According to a spokesman, Waldrum had already been barred from one mobile phone for the charges, but he had ordered a replacement SIM in order to continue calling the premium line.The spokesman admitted Vodafone had missed an opportunity to alert Waldrum to the higher costs at an earlier stage.That simply means that they don’t contain an area code that lets you know where in the UK you’re calling.There are two kinds of non geographic numbers, service numbers and premium numbers.

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