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Dating customs in sicily

Despite its position at the crossroads of many Mediterranean civilizations, it retains many characteristics of more rural regions bred of its isolation and distance from mainland Italy.One peculiar feature of the separateness of Sicilian life is the persistence of the , an organization dating from the Middle Ages that gradually evolved into a paralegal criminal brotherhood.

There were also Phoenician settlements on the island.

The style of the Santa Barbara celebrations at Paternó is reminiscent of the bigger celebration of Sant Agata at Catania in February, in fact both Saints are loved by the locals and both have saved their cities from a major eruption of lava from the Mount Etna volcano in 1780.

The festive season brings the best out of the major cities for example the historical centre and squares of Catania are filled with the vibrancy and colours of many events including: Christmas markets, theatrical shows, art exhibitions, street performances and nativity displays.

Sicilian gastronomy has ancient traditions, since its history, and that of the people who have inhabited it, is one of the most ancient in the world.

Its first inhabitants, migrants and invaders, were probably attracted by its exceptional climate and extraordinary fertility. found three different types of people, the Sicilians in the east, the Sicani in the west and the Elimi in the north-western region.

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The 8th of December is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Festa dell’Immacolata Concezione), the Madonna is also a patron of the city and the main celebrations in the Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi is filled with pomp and ancient religious traditions.

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