Sex hook ups in nigeria

Posted by / 18-Aug-2017 22:40

Sex hook ups in nigeria

This is the second biggest city in Africa and has many of the sexiest girls on the continent.

Finding girls for sex in Lagos is very possible, but it won’t be the safest spot in the world to do it.

However, in Africa most girls you pick up at night will expect to be compensated.

So how Tinder works is that its basically a smartphone app that works by finding your location using GPS, then it uses your Facebook information to create a profile with your first name, age and photos of choice, before matching you with other users in the vicinity.

You swipe through their pictures, and swipe right if you find their photo and profile attractive and left if you don't.

Prior to that, I equated Tinder on the same level as personal ads on Craigslist, like a creepy hook-up tool.

Even more surprising to me was the fact that there were active Tinder users in Nigeria, I was honestly shocked at that.

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At the same time the hottest girls usually flock to the major cities because there is more money to be made.