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I was spending my layover in Dubai lying by the pool at a five-star hotel when a server came over with a bottle of Dom Pérignon.Then, a dark-haired hunk in a crisp white shirt approached me.In her new book, “Cabin Fever” (out Tuesday), she dishes on partying with Virgin mogul Richard Branson, meeting first-class billionaire suitors and joining the Mile High Club in a Cessna.Now 41, the happily married mom tells The Post’s Doree Lewak how after years of looking for love in the sky, she found it in her own back yard …My room was a bit isolated from the rest of the house because of its purpose as a guest room.

After a while – perhaps the length of time it takes to convince oneself there are no undercover cops in the vicinity – they would get out of their cars and take the plunge through the wrought-iron gate labelled ‘Men’.Their reappearance would not surprise me: the Darling Gardens toilet block is not, as far as some beats go, particularly well used.The men were better off going up the road to the heart of the Yarra Bend beat, where business is always brisk and there are no intimidating signs.“You look beautiful,” he said, as he extended his hand.“I’m Mahir Asker*, and I’d love to take you out tonight.” Hours later, a Bentley arrived at the hotel to pick me up and a white-gloved driver helped me into the car, which escorted us to our date aboard Asker’s million-dollar yacht.

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But this story is not about her; it is about my uncle's wife.

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