Who is frankie from jerseylicious dating Reall fecam 2013

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Who is frankie from jerseylicious dating

Johnson’s lawyer, Patrick Parrotta, said this is far from an open and shut case.

Corey Epstein, a bit player on the reality TV show about hair stylists that features his spouse Tracy Di Marco, is accused of selling oxycodone pills outside his New Springville home to an undercover cop Jan. Epstein, 23, couldn’t be reached for comment, but his wife of five months brushed the charges aside, saying her hubby has a legitimate oxy prescription to treat leg pain from a Tribeca bar stabbing.

Johnson allegedly told the detective to meet him last July while he was refereeing a Catholic Youth Organization hoops game.

Shortly after the cop arrived, Johnson left the game and sold the officer six packs of crack for 0 inside his car, which was parked nearby, Donovan said.

With so much drama going on in Jerseylicious land, what a snoozefest of an episode!

First off, the gang at Anthony Roberts gets together to brainstorm ideas for the 225 years of Jersey picture book. In the latest installment, we learn that Anthony is all about starting a book to celebrate the history of hairstyles and fashion in New Jersey for the state’s 225-year anniversary.

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