Validating formulas in excel 2016

Posted by / 29-Dec-2017 17:38

The Shipping worksheet doesn't contain the word "Standrd", so our VLOOKUP function doesn't return any results.

While we could simply type in the correct spelling, that wouldn't prevent someone from making the same mistake in the future.

The examples above check the contents of one column, to prevent duplicates.

In this example, three columns will be checked, to make sure that combination has not been entered before.

You can use data validation to restrict the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell.

The columns are Main Product (A), Sub Product (B), and Prod Code (C).

Data validation will be applied in the Prod Code column.

And since the formula in cell E9 depends on that value, it's not able to calculate correctly either.

If we look at cell E6, we can see that the word Standard is misspelled.

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