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Sarmai’s work may be familiar to you, after gaining international attention this summer for his design series based on the blockbuster film The Avengers, which saw LELO massagers depicted as characters Black Widow and Captain America.These latest images are such a big hit however that we’re now seriously considering getting in touch with George Lucas to be the first and only sex toy company to make Star Wars-themed pleasure items.An Artist from a galaxy far, far away (Hungary) has caused a disturbance in the force – or at the very least, increased online chatter – with a series of posters depicting what we can only guess are his casting choices for the next installment of the Star Wars series.

Lorsque vous utilisez cette fonctionnalité, vous ne verrez jamais de gars sur caméra; seulement des filles.

Currently, legions of IDA™s are spreading across the galaxy, wreaking sensual satisfaction in their wake in the name of The Empire (of LELO).

Servant to the whims of Princess Leias everywhere, GIGI™2 makes a great C3PO because they both just keep going and going without ever seeming to need recharging.

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